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Since when the Ukraine war occurred there has been a feeling, within the EU, to be provided for an EU single defence.

Here following, by reporting Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s and EU President Roberta Metsola’s speeches I will highlight the main issues we are dealing with and for which a coordinated and targeted EU action is needed as it is crucial.

This war has a name, and it is energy price.


Prime Minister Sanna Marin


During her speech, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin at the European Parliament on 13 September 2022, stressed: “Russia is using energy as a weapon against Europe”.

We have jointly responded to the Russian invasion with extensive sanctions and by providing Ukraine with military, economic and humanitarian aid”.

At the informal meeting of the EU Council the EU President, Roberta Metsola, shares: “The horrors we have witnessed in the towns and villages liberated by Ukraine shows how we must continue to support them”.

With regard to the energy market, Minister Sanna Marin says: “The energy market is suffering from exceptional uncertainty, and that together with inflation, may cause an economic downturn in Europe”…

the availability and price of energy are among the most important questions we must solve in the coming months and years. Together we must do everything we can do to ensure that our citizens and businesses can cope with the coming autumn and winter”…

the war and the energy market crisis are putting enormous pressure on the European economy”.


EU President Roberta Metsola


In the same vein, the President of the European Parliament reiterates: “War, and energy prices have meant inflation and rising costs. Inflation is one of the main short-term challenges. In September it reached 10% in the Euro area. That is not sustainable”… “we need regulatory solutions”.

For this reason, undertaking targeted steps such as the FIT for 55 PACKAGE is now crucial.

With its set of proposals for climate neutrality by 2050, this package aims at ensuring that EU plans are compliant with climate objectives.

The EU has demonstrated its flexibility and ability to act during crises. Even in exceptional times, we are determined to work for a better Europe.”…

The European Parliament has a strong role in defending the Union’s common values. This role is especially important at a time when these values are facing their greatest challenge.”…

Ukraine and Moldova were granted candidate status and Georgia was given a European perspective. The European Union’s door must be open to any European state that wishes to become part of our community of values and is committed to carrying out the necessary reforms.

The European President, staying on the side of Ukraine, specifies: “Ukrainians need to be able to defend themselves. In this new, more dangerous phase of war, they need the heavy armour that will allow them to push back.

A final remark on the European environment is given by the Finnish Prime Minister, who states: “Together with our democratic partners, Europe must strengthen its technological capabilities. We cannot afford to be naïve about this. It is not only about the economy but also about our security and the ability of our societies to function.”…

In order to be strong internally look after our common values- the rule of law, democracy and human rights. By following these principles, we will tackle any future crises.”



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